Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tragedi Januari 2012

It was Tuesday, 10 January 2012..

Both Eimaan and me were in the wet kitchen..i did the dishes when there was honking in was the weekly cleaner and she was a bit early than usual..Eimaan was sitting on the floor playing plastic cups..I wiped my hands and rushed out to open the door when he as expected followed behind me but tripped and fell down..I pull him up and this was one of the unforgettable moments in my whole life when i saw the skin above his left brow was gaped open and blood trickled along his cheeks..even worst, i could see his white skull inside..menangis nya usah tanya la..mesti dia sgt sakit..i carried him to the front and had panic attack..with the honking outside the gate, the blood, the cries, i could'nt think straight at that moment..with shaky hands i managed to call my husband..he was like 'what happen?how?when?'..i just said 'balik cepat..KEPALA EIMAAN DAH PECAH NI'..and he..entahla, bayangkan aje la mcm mana pecut nye dia.

Then only i pushed the auto-gate button and called for help with hand gesture..there were many of them inside the van and they came rushing inside..lagi soalan bertubi2 macam mana boleh jadi..masa tu i dah menangis-nangis sambil dukung Eimaan yang menangis..they asked me to open the grill so they could help..again i terkocoh-kocoh ambil kunci, opened the grill dan minta mereka ambilkan tisu and kain..they offered to send us to the hospital but i refused saying my husband is on the way..luckily husband's office and home is just 10 minutes drive..again and again they offered but i had to refuse..bila i tekapkan kain di dahi Eimaan, he cried even louder..i passed Eimaan to one of the maid and ran inside the bedroom and changed to proper blouse, pant and tudung..i knew the maids got other job to do, so i said okayla, u all can go..i boleh tunggu my husband.dengan serba salah all the maids pun pergi..with Eimaan on my arm, i started to pack his bag, his milk and locked all the doors and windows..hubby arrived in less than 10mins since i called, and of course was shocked looking at Eimaan..but Eimaan actually has stopped crying 5mins ago..

If im not mistaken, we reached Emergency, Pantai Hospital after 20 minutes since Eimaan fell down..we rushed him inside and he started screaming looking at those unfamiliar stranger choices, but they swaddled him with the blanket, masukkan ubat tahan sakit, and cleaned his wound..doc tanya lots of question but i can't concentrate and tahan mata dari nangis..but of course i managed to answer every Q's..then they put plaster on Eimaan..done!

DONE??No no..not done yet..of course there will be stitches involved..since it was very deep cut and Eimaan being super active boy, they had to do minor the OT..hubby did all the papers and we admit in paediatric ward..i changed Eimaan to hospital gown while lovely and super-nice nurses came in and out giving things and masukkan tiub air on Eimaan's hand..hubby kena balik ambil hospital card Eimaan, my handphone, Eimaan's TEDDY BEAR, and other necessity.

4 pm..Eimaan on my lap and i was on the wheelchair, pushed by the nurse to the OT..URGHH,OT for the second time.and yeah, MIL, SIL and niece were there too..talking about MIL, sampai je mereka mommy Eimaan mata dah bergenang tak tau kenapa..maybe sbb finally got someone to share my worries..and kena sound juga sebab Eimaan jatuh..sobs sobs..mana de mak yang sengaja nak anak die sakit kan ;( ..but i understand org tua mmg macam tu..sgt risaukan cucu..(jgn salah faham, MIL pya sound tu ala2 perli je tp paham2 sendiri la)..sampai depan OT, i kena changed to OT gown and crocs..kena masuk temankan Eimaan..mula-mula mmg meronta la, semua nurse kena pegang, then the specialist doc bagi gas untuk tidokan Eimaan..kesian nye masa tu..bergenang lg air 5pm operation done! Alhamdulillah doc kata nothing serius cuma the cut mmg very deep..luckily tak kena skull.

Eimaan's daddy punya 1st worry ialah SCAR..risau anaknye dah tak handsome..;)

After all, i blamed myself for everything because Eimaan masih kecil..die tak tau ape.all he knows is running a parent, kita yg patut provide a safe place for our babies and tots.lepas tu baru terhegeh-hegeh beli all the child proofing, but after a while, all did'nt work and terbukak..hurmm..blur dah dgn child proof..

If this happening to u, doctor pesan TEKAPKAN KAIN PADA LUKA TERSEBUT AGAR KUMAN TAK MASUK..
Dont PANIC of course and i hope and wish none of you will encounter this kind of situation..JGN LEPAS PANDANG ON OUR KIDS..;)

P.S:entry yg ambil masa 1 week..punyela malas.

the wound terpaksa diblurkan kerana rupa asalnya agak mengerikan

tempat kejadian-in between wet and dry kitchen

evening after operation-still in sleeping dose

night after operation-still mamai dengan bius