Sunday, March 18, 2012

New blog, New entry

Hi mommies..

This is my second blog after my magical moments.. I created this blog solely to share issues regarding mommyhood, my kid's development and some of my personal views..

Let me introduce a mommy of 19 months cheeky-boy named Eimaan Harith..a wifey to a wonderful husband..and that's a three of us..yeah..and still counting..not like there's already a baby inside but yes, we want MORE!! InsyaAllah..

Im a fulltime housewife..used to work as a System Analyst in Ministry of Education..tendered resignation after 5 months having lil Eimaan..yeah, that was my sacrifice..Alhamdulillah, a year has passed and im coping well with this new status..Thanks Allah for making it happen..

For now my focus is 100% hubby and baby..

Gonna catch up with ya'll later..

Mental Note: Im not good in writing..i might be lazy and busy to update one interested to read my junks..i have no interesting things to share..but yeah, im determined this time.

p.s: this blog is dedicated to Eimaan Harith and daddy Nazri..;)


eid-ul-fitr 2011-three of us

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