Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Flashback to Aug 2010-Delivery Day

15 August 2010

11.00 am

It has been 3 days after my doc has told me im 2cm dilated..there were some blood spotted on my panty ever since.it was not much, like when u had your first day of menstrual..three days in row had fingers 'poked' in and out to check dilation..urghhh..dilation was progressing well since the 1st day though there were 1 time the number decreased..i can feel minor contraction every 10 minutes..doc said it was just 1% from the real pain..WHAT?? u'r kidding me rite..it can't be that bad!! Well, wait till you experience it urself..;) And yeah, that morning brought relief to both of us when doc said i was dilated 4-5cm..labor was just around the corner, happy!

1.00 pm

Had lunch..freshen up..packed our bag and relaxed before we go to hospital..


Checked in..we got 1 single bed room with couch.i've been told to change my pant to sarung..i remembered that day i wore hubby's black t-shirt and kain batik..i asked the nurse whether they will give me a hospital gown to wear but they said no..i was like dumbfounded at that time..MISTAKE NO 1: I SHOULD DEMAND A HOSPITAL GOWN/I SHOULD ASK EARLIER WHETHER THEY PROVIDE HOSPITAL GOWN ..it was really uncomfortable with hubby's t-shirt..it was black and hot..if i know that earlier, i will bring my own comfy dress or anything suitable..

My dilation was 5cm..they did CTG on me, i didnt know what that was..but i've been told to push a button on every contractions..my doc came and broke my water..it was clear..no sign of baby's poo or something..it means GOOD..after few minutes i had my water broke, i started to feel the pain of contractions..nurses came and start pasang ape tah..cucuk dekat my wrist..attached a tube..MISTAKE NO 2: IF THEY DONT BOTHER TO TELL YOU WHAT THEY DO TO YOUR BODY, YOU SHOULD ASK OKAY..YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW..i just assumed they were inducing me..induce means drugs..am i right?

The contractions was still building up..and it got worsen as time goes by..i clutched on a hanky my MIL gave for..cant remember why she gave it to me..berpeluh-peluh..hubby was on my side but he cant do anything..i just focused on my pain..


I remember that everyone started busying themselves and got ready to break fast..my contractions was building high..hubby just had some kuih..after Maghrib, the nurse sent me to the labor room..there were only me on labor that evening..so all the nurses 'pakat kerumun' and gave full attention on me..rasa mcm princess..eh, boleh mcm tu?? ;)..dilation now was 6-7cm..belum boleh push yer..tp sakit nye, Allah je yang tau..the contractions felt like we going to pass motion..until at one time tu, during contraction, i shouted that i want to pass motion..the nurse encouraged me to do it and said it was okay..URGHH..lg malu!


Contraction was unbearable..kalau sape tgk i masa tu, mst rasa i macam hantu, berpeluh2, rambut dh gerbang basah sticky macam ape tah...nurse suggested to take that laughing gas..cant remember the scientific name..but i guessed it was helpful..i felt dizzy and high..like u'r on ecstasy..i can smile again..dah lalok la dikatakan..hehe..i sucked in the gas whenever i felt the contraction..sgt baik okay all the nurses..tlg suapkan air..tlg picit pinggang n belakang masa contraction..sgt teruk rasanye masa tu..frequently i remembered my mom..i thought that if she can bear this pain, so do i..t'was kinda motivation to me at that time..i could hear hubby n nurses chit-chatted but my mind was focusing on the pain..t'was like my mind is empty except the reflection of my mom n remembering Allah.


Bla..bla..bla..after almost 4 hours went through the labor pain, finally my doc came after nurse checked that i was fully dilated..10cm..i was very tired at that time and suddenly when i heard that news, i got bersemangat again, time to push..i push whenever i felt the contraction..firstly i was like screaming with my eyes shut..tp nurse cakap jgn push mcm tu..dont scream coz i'll lose my energy..i've been told to open my eyes and focus on my tummy..until today i still dont know whats the relevant of doing so..felt like my eyes gonna pop-out in anytime masa push tu..push push push, baby still tak mau keluar lg..suddenly i heard whispers among the nurses that i might be on C-Section operation because the baby had suddenly turned inside and making it harder for the baby to come out normally..

I found out later that my doc had ask my hubby whether hubby thinks im tough or not to get through this..and hubby so confident in me he said yes..so the doc kept on encouraging me to push all my heart out..and yes, that's what i did and finally at 10.16pm, my baby Eimaan Harith had breathe his first air in this world..:)


Leganya Allah saja yg tahu..macam mengeluarkan satu batu yg besar..(bak kata my SIL, when i asked her how it feels like to give birth..n yes u'r right SIL Leha..i felt the same way too)..Tears and smile on my face..Mulut tak henti mengucapkan syukur ya Allah..the baby was on my tummy while the doc cut his cord..i cant see his face yet, dia baring mengiring membelakangkan i but i remembered i touch his soft slimy skin..oh wow,that was amazing feeling.

Eimaan Harith first photo ;)

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