Monday, March 19, 2012

Flasback to August 2010-Days before delivery

My due was on 25th August 2010..i knew my baby will come out sooner or later than that..from some of my friends experience, 1st baby would be later..still i insisted to take leave 2 weeks earlier than my due date..1stly, mmg dah tak larat sgt nak keje..2ndly, just to avoid the risk terbersalin awal di putrajaya where hubby n family is not around..Lastly, just want to spend quality time with hubby before the baby come out and of course last minute preparation.. ;)

If im not mistaken, i had to go for check-up once a week started week 36 of my pregnancy..cant' remember when is the exact week baby's head got engaged..but on the 2nd week of August, i started my long maternity was just 36 weeks old was 2 days before Ramadhan and i managed to fast for two days that year..

2nd Ramadhan night, we went check-up with my private O&G, Dr. Kartik..yes it's a HE..;) malu *blush* *blush*..he was my sister in law's O&G too before this and hubby immediatey chose him when we knew i was pregnant..that night on my 37 weeks, my doc checked baby's head and confirmed it was already engaged..and then he said, 'ok, now it's time to check dilation'..okaaayyy, i dont know what that was..but when the nurse ushered me to this diff room with bed this time, i got freaked out..yeahh, i was so blushed..terkepit-kepit..the nurse cakap nanti nak bersalin sama jer..lagi la..huhu..the test was quite painful..but my doc ni sgt la gentle..dgn suara lembutnye..very gentle..and then he said 'done' with smiles on his face..he asked if i had any symptoms, contraction or anything, i said no..i feel very fine and no pain at all..when the three of us, doc , hubby and me finally sat at his table, then only he told us that my opening was 2cm already..*TAKUT + excited*

He started explaining about delivery and episiotomy (lg takuttt)..he also said if my dilation kept on progressing, i will deliver my baby in few days..from that on, i've been told to be alert on any day, i spotted blood on panty..CUAK..that night, jumpa doc lagi..he said my opening 3 cm..but still cannot admit to hospital yet..the next day, again blood on panty..jumpa doc, opening decreased to 2cm..aikk..main2 ye baby..the same day that evening, i spotted blood again but a bit byk dari biase and went to the doc again and the dilation increased 3cm..hurm cannot bersalin lagi..lepak at MIL's house and joined nieces n nephew coloring with crayons.,;)

FINALLY, on the 5th Ramadhan, i remember it was Sunday..2010 Aug 15 morning, the dilation was 4-5cm and i've been asked to 'check-in' at Putra Specialist Hospital at 5pm..yippee.cant wait.i remember the excitement and wished it'll be over soon..sgt tak larat dah okay membawa badan yg berat with sleepless nights due from the back aches..tak tau tu yang once baby dah keluar lagi la tak dapat tido..hihi..

Summary: some people dpt simptom pecah ketuban, some tanda darah..i got the second one..dengarnye, bila pecah ketuban, masa yg diambil utk bersalin akan lebih cepat compare to tanda darah..i took 3 days since i spotted that blood on my panty before i delivered Eimaan Harith..

OK.end of story before delivery..gonna write entry about 'during labor' once im free..;) * LOVE LOVE *

Putra Specialist Hospital Batu Pahat

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