Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Flashback: First time masuk OT

Alhamdulillah..Eimaan Harith safely delivered on 10.16pm, 15 August 2010..After doc cut his umbilical cord, they brought him away..tak puas jumpa baby..but my labor was not done yet..there was still another task i had to do which was to pushed out the 'uri'..huhhh..ingat dah bertarung nyawa berejam dah push out the uri tak la susah, doc helped me by tekan2 dekat perut tu...then zzuuppp keluar..rasa lega..tak sakit ape pun okay..yang sakit tu masa contraction, i could'nt imagine koyak down there, but i did'nt feel a thing..tak sakit pun..BUT..once doc pegang jarum and started the stitching, i was like jerk jerk and jerk..boleh rasa okay..sgt tak best..i thought it was over until suddenly doc told me i had lots of koyakan can't be done here with me jerking constantly..the koyakan happened when baby struggled inside to come out..i was like 'WHAT..WHAT ELSE DO I HAVE TO ENDURE..I CANT POSSIBLY BEAR THE PAIN ANYMORE..;('..doc said, 'okay dont worry..we'll do it in OT(Operation Theater)..u wont feel any pain cuz we'll give u anesthetic to make u paralyzed from waist downwards..i said long i tak rasa sakit lagi..;)

Meanwhile, i looked on my right where hubby held the baby..there was a nurse in front of them..i found out later that hubby was reciting azan on baby's ears at that time and hubby was crying while syahdu..rugi tak dapat dengar..

At 11pm that night, nurses pushed me out on the stretcher..there were my family-in-laws outside..MIL,SIL,BIL and nieces..i smiled and waved at them..they pushed me to the OT and awaiting was a surgery team..they asked me lots of Q such as any allergy, etc..pakar bius then gave the injection di tulang belakang (macam epidural)..few minutes later, i cant feel anything waist downwards and doc started his work. Meanwhile i chit-chatted with the assistants, that doc pakar bius, bla bla bla menyembang...macam2 kami sembang.. i dont know why i hyper satu macam..i supposed to be worn out and sleepy kan..tapi i bersembang mcm kt kedai kopi...very sporting all the assistants..rupenye that was their procedure to keep me awake during the surgery..;)

Everything was done at's been 2 hours since i last saw my fact i have'nt met him properly..hubby waited in our room..nurse put me on my bed..MISTAKE AGAIN: I SHOULD ASK FOR MY BABY..I SHOULD NURSE HIM RIGHT AWAY ..again, i sgt la blur being 1st timer.i tried to sleep but i was hyper, active n segar..i updated fb status..i chit-chatted with hubby sampai hubby pun dah mengantuk..i cant sleep, i felt hot (due from the anesthetic)..when the nurse came to checked me at 3am, i asked her to sejukkan lagi bilik tu..hubby sgt sejuk and i gave him my blanket..i cant remember when i finally fall asleep but i started to feel the pain berdenyut-denyut around 5am..bius dah mula hilang..urghh..

Early morning, i woke up..doc checked my stitches and pulled out the pad he shoved inside me last night..after dah keluarkan pad tu, baru rasa lega sikit..i've been told to walk around, eat my breakfast and have some 10am the nurse brought my baby in..she urged me to breastfed my baby and the 1st attempt failed..maybe susu masih tak ada and baby did'nt latched on properly..okay, i tak nak panic.i fikir nanti balik boleh cuba lagi..MIL came when it was time to discharge and helped me to hold noon we arrived at MIL'S house and started my 1st day of confinement..;)

Eimaan first day

You guys nak tau what i've learn from these??

1. Breastfeed your baby right away agar baby dapat colostrum (susu awal lembuibu) yg sgt berkhasiat tu..
2. Minta dari nurse kalau mereka tak bagi (some hospital, nurse mereka dah di ajar untuk terus bagi baby untuk menyusu badan ibu die right after bersalin)
3. If u were on something like my case, kena masuk OT, i tak tau sama ada boleh atau tak, but i should at least ask whether i can breastfeed my baby tak kira la kalau masa tu dah pukul 1 pagi pun..
4. Sebaiknya minta baby every 2 hours untuk disusukan supaya our breast akan dapat rangsangan bg mengeluarkan susu dengan lebih banyak lagi..
5. Bak kata my idol Harlinda Halim, 'breastfeeding is a learning process'..jgn putus asa jika baby tak dapat menyusu betul on our breast..kena ajar dengan sabar..SABAR..

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